Terms and Conditions


The Services offered by Executive Resources, Inc. (as defined below) through the website can only be used by Customers who have first read these General Terms and Conditions and accepted them unconditionally by clicking on the appropriate box provided for the purpose. It is not possible to proceed with the booking process without this acceptance. Customers undertake to fulfill the obligations contained within these terms and conditions. The agreement between Customers and ERI comes into force as soon as ERI provides written confirmation of a booking to Customers by email.

Customers should save and/or print a copy of these terms and conditions for future reference when making a booking.

Article 1. Definitions and scope

1.1. Definitions

The following definitions have the same meaning whether they are singular or plural.

  • Customer means a customer who reserves and/or books one or more Services offered on the Website.
  • ERI means Executive Resources, Inc.
  • Executive Resources, Inc. means Executive Resources, Inc, whose registered office is at Lower Lobby, Century Park Hotel, P. Ocampo cor. M. Adriatico Sts., Malate, Manila.
  • General Terms and Conditions means these general terms and conditions for booking and use, as amended from time to time.
  • Rules and Restrictions means the terms and conditions applicable to the Suppliers with whom the Customer has concluded a separate contract.
  • Service means a service offered on the Website, such as Travel Plans & Travel dealings.
  • Supplier means a supplier of Services, such as an airline, hotel & tour operator.
  • Website means the website and all pages under its subdomains.

1.2. Scope

These General Terms and Conditions apply to offering and providing of the Services by Executive Resources, Inc. ERI operates the Website which acts as an interface between the Customer and the various Suppliers offering the Services.

These General Terms and Conditions are subject to the Suppliers' Rules and Restrictions which are made available to the Customer and which the Customer also accepts at the moment that a booking is actually placed. It is the Customer's responsibility to familiarize himself/herself with the Suppliers' Rules and Restrictions.

The General Terms and Conditions can be changed by ERI at any time without prior notice, although such changes will not apply to bookings that have already been accepted by ERI on behalf of the Supplier(s) concerned. It is therefore essential that the Customer reads, saves and/or prints a copy of the General Terms and Conditions at the time the booking is placed, in order to be aware of the provisions in force.

Article 2. Booking via the Website

2.1. The Customer's legal authority

The Website helps the Customer to find travel products and to make the necessary reservations, and acts as an interface in the transactions involved with the Suppliers. The Customer must be at least 18 years old, be legally authorized to enter into contractual obligations, have the requisite consent or authority to act for or on behalf of any persons included in a booking and must use the Website in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions and the Website Terms of Use.

The Customer is responsible for his / her activities on the Website (financially or otherwise), including the possible use of his / her user name and password. The Customer guarantees that the information entered by him / her on the Website in relation to him / her and, if applicable, his / her travelling companions is accurate.

Any use of the Website that is fraudulent or is in conflict with these General Terms and Conditions shall be reason for refusing the Customer access to the Services offered by ERI and the Suppliers or to the other functionalities of the Website.

2.2. Confirming and cancelling orders

2.2.1 Confirming

Confirmation of a booking, which includes the essential elements such as the description of the Service(s) booked and the price, will be sent to the Customer by e-mail. If the Customer does not receive a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours of placing the booking, he / she should contact Customer Services at

It is expressly agreed that the data stored in the information systems of ERI. and / or its Suppliers shall constitute proof with respect to the bookings made by the Customer. Data stored in computers or electronic media are valid proof, and shall therefore be acceptable under the same conditions and with the same evidential value as a physical written document.

2.2.2 Cancellation

Cancellations for confirmed bookings are not allowed. Cancellations for unconfirmed dates can be made either by telephone by calling +6325238581 or by email at . All such requests will be dealt with on behalf of the Suppliers concerned.

If the Customer does not present himself / herself at the departure of the trip, no refund will be due to the Customer.

2.2.3 Change of booking

If after making the booking the Customer wants to change the trip with respect to the date of travel, the destination, the place where the trip starts, the accommodation or the means of transport, the Customer should call +6325238581 or email All requests for changes shall be subject to the terms and condition of ERI suppliers, availability of booking dates and fare/cost difference which will be at the expense of the customer. (All charges necessary at the expense of the customer as well as subject to availability of booking dates.)

2.2.4 Reimbursement

In the event of a refund to the Customer after the above deductions, the relevant amounts will be transferred back by ERI to the payment card used to make the original booking. Any booking charges applied will not be eligible for reimbursement. Customers should note that refund of bookings may take up to three months. Should ERI fail to fulfill the bookings because of room unavailability or for other reasons and reimbursement is in order, the customer can choose on the following options:

  • To change customer’s preferred date subject to availability.
  • To credit the amount paid to their account for use in other travel bookings and services to be used within 6 months of credit.
2.2.5 Restricted Fares

Unless otherwise stated by the Customer, it is assumed that the Customer requires the least expensive Services. Such services (e.g. "economy class") may be provided without any possibility of modification or cancellation. In such cases, the Services cannot be provided in a different manner or at a different time or place to those contracted.

2.3. Travel documents

The travel documents provided for a Service ordered through the Website will be sent to the e-mail address given by the Customer when making his / her reservation.

In the unlikely event that physical travel documents are required, these will be sent to the address given by the Customer when making his / her reservation. ERI reserves the right to charge a non-refundable fee which will be notified at the time of booking to courier travel documents to Customers.

If the delivery of travel documents is impossible because of an error made by the Customer in providing his / her personal details, neither the Supplier nor ERI shall be liable.

Article 3. Specific Services

Executive Resources, Inc. operates the Website, which acts as an interface between the Customer and the Suppliers with respect to offering and supplying all Services.

The purpose of this Article is to provide details of the terms and conditions of use of the Services provided by the Suppliers for the Customer's information. These details are not exhaustive and do not replace the Suppliers' Rules and Restrictions. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the General Terms and Conditions and the Rules and Restrictions, the Rules and Restrictions will prevail.

Except in the case of regulatory requirements to the contrary, these details do not give rise to any obligation or liability on the part of Executive Resources, Inc.

3.1. Air Transport Services

Air transport services may be offered separately or as part of a package holiday and are subject to the Rules and Restrictions (including conditions of carriage, fare rules and restrictions) of the Supplier. The Rules and Restrictions may include restrictions on and/or charges for cancellation and changes.

3.1.1. Air transport terms and conditions

It is the Customer's responsibility to comply with the instructions of the airline and/or tour operator, in particular with respect to flight check-in times.

3.1.2. Administrative and / or health regulations

It is the Customer's responsibility to make sure he/she are aware of the stipulations concerning passport, visa, currency and health regulations relevant to their trip, to comply with them and to pay the associated charges. ERI accepts no responsibility for Customers who do not possess the correct travel documents. Customers should also make sure that they are aware of any changes to visa requirements before the trip begins. The Customer is responsible for complying with all such requirements needed for the implementation of the trip.

3.2. Accommodation Services

Accommodation may be offered separately or as part of a package holiday. The Services are subject to the Rules and Restrictions of the Suppliers offering the accommodation. The Rules and Restrictions may include restrictions on and/or charges for cancellation and/or changes imposed by the Suppliers.

If a Customer does not show for the first night of the reservation and plans to check-in for subsequent nights in the reservation, the Customer must confirm the reservation changes with ERI no later than the original date of check-in to prevent cancellation of the whole reservation.

Any Customer who does not cancel or change their reservation before the cancellation policy period applicable to the hotel which varies by hotel (usually 24 to 72 hours) prior to the date of arrival will be subject to the charges shown in the Rules and Restrictions for the hotel reservation. Customers should note that some hotels do not permit changes to or cancellations of reservations after they are made and these restrictions are shown in the Rules and Restrictions for the hotel reservation.

3.3. Package Tours

Package Tours are provided by Suppliers and are subject to the Rules and Restrictions of the providers of the tours. Customers must read these Rules and Restrictions before booking.

A package holiday is a trip, for a single price, with a stay of longer than 24 hours (or including an overnight stay), in which at least two of the following three elements are offered.

  • transport;
  • accommodation;
  • a tourist service that does not form part of the transport or accommodation, but is a significant part of the total price.
3.3.1. Reservations

Acceptance by the Supplier of reservations made by the Customer will depend on availability of the package tours.

Acceptance by the Supplier is formalized by ERI sending a confirmation of reservation by e-mail to the Customer.

3.3.2. Prices

The trip descriptions on the Website specify the Services included in the price for each trip. Prices are shown in PHP.

The Customer should be aware that the local authorities in certain countries can impose additional taxes (tourist tax, etc), which have to be paid locally. The Customer is exclusively responsible for paying such additional taxes.

Unless expressly stated otherwise, prices do not include excess baggage charges, visa or any personal expenses (laundry, telephone, drinks, room service, tips, etc.), nor excursions or the use of sports facilities, nor any more general costs that are not expressly included in the confirmation of reservation.

The prices shown on the Website can be changed at any time without prior notice. Such changes do not apply to confirmed reservations already accepted

If ERI and/or Supplier becomes aware of or is notified of any fraud or illegal activity associated with the payment for the booking, the booking will be cancelled and the Customer shall be liable for all the expenses arising from such cancellation, without prejudice to any action that might be taken against him / her.

3.3.3. Cancellation and change by the Customer Cancellation

Requests by the Customer for cancelling or changing a trip must be submitted by telephone by calling +6325238581 or by sending an email to Such requests will be dealt with on behalf of the Suppliers concerned.

In the event of cancellation of the package holiday booking by the Customer, Executive Resources, Inc. and Supplier can require compensation to cover the costs of the travel arrangements already made. In addition to this, a standard cancellation charge may be made by the Suppliers of each element of the package holiday in respect of each cancellation. Where a cancellation affects more than one person on the booking a cancellation charge will be applied in respect of each person on the booking. In some cases compensation can amount to the full value of travel booked, so that no reimbursement to the Customer is made. Partial cancellation, i.e. cancellation of a particular arrangement, may not be possible. Effects of Cancellation

Please note that packages are subject to the Rules and Restrictions of the Supplier and separate cancellation charges imposed by the Supplier may apply. Change of booking

If after making the booking a Customer wants to change the trip with respect to the date of travel, the destination, the place where the trip starts, the accommodation or the means of transport, the Customer should call +6325238581 or email Changes to a booking will normally involve cancelling the original booking which may incur compensation and/or charges imposed by the Suppliers up to the full value of travel booked and Customers will need to pay for the cost of a new booking.

3.4.4 Cancellation and change by ERI General

Executive Resources Inc. will inform Customers immediately of changes or differences to their travel arrangements. Changes or differences to the travel contract that become necessary after the contract has been concluded and are not brought about by ERI in bad faith are permitted insofar as the changes or differences are not significant and they do not affect the overall character of the trip booked. Flight time information cannot be considered binding. The same rights apply to the altered arrangements as applied in respect of the original arrangements.

3.4.5 Force Majeure

If an unforeseen force majeure event which could not have been avoided if all due care had been exercised impedes implementation of the trip to a major extent, endangers it or interferes with it, then either party can terminate the contract. Where ERI is the party affected by the force majeure, ERI will provide Customers with prompt assistance and take the necessary measures to bring Customers back to the place where their package started. Any additional costs of the return transport will be covered by ERI. Where Customers are the party affected by the force majeure, ERI will not be obliged to refund them any sum for services which have not yet been performed. Customers will also be responsible for paying any additional costs associated with getting back to the place where their package began.

3.4.6 Issues During Travel Redress and obligation to co-operate

If the trip is not implemented in accordance with the contract, the Customer can ask for redress during the trip. The Customer's co-operation is necessary here. Customers are therefore obliged to do everything reasonable to resolve the fault. Customers must avoid damage where possible, or at least use all reasonable endeavors to limit it. Customers are obliged to report deficiencies in the trip. If the trip documents do not refer to a local representative, please contact ERI directly to report any problems. Quote in any case the trip number, the destination and the dates of travel.

  • Customer Service tel: +6325238581
  • E-mail:
  • Lines open: Weekdays from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Executive Resources, Inc., or any relevant local representative, will use prompt efforts to find appropriate solutions to any reported problems.

3.4.7 Executive Resources Inc.'s Liability
Own performance

As a careful business, Executive Resources, Inc. is responsible for:

  • preparation of the trip;
  • careful selection and monitoring of Suppliers;
  • accuracy of description of travel offerings displayed on the Website (insofar as ERI have not reported a change in the specifications before concluding the contract or where such changes are agreed with the Customer after the contract is concluded. ERI is not responsible for information not published by us, including information published in local, hotel or other brochures;
  • implementation of the travel contract.
3.4.8 Lapsing of Liability and Limitation Complaints Period

Claims based on implementation of the trip not being in accordance with the contract should be submitted within 30 days of the contractually-scheduled end of the trip. In that case, contact or call our service number +6325238581. Claims should be made in writing, in Customer's own interest. The limitation period begins on the day on which the trip should end, based on the contract

Article 4. General

4.1. Travel Destinations

Although most travel, including travel to international destinations, is completed without incident, travel to certain destinations may involve greater risk than others. ERI. advises Customers to review any travel prohibitions, warnings, announcements and advisories issued by The Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs and displayed on their website: prior to booking travel to international destinations

By offering travel to particular international destinations, ERI does not represent or warrant that travel to such destinations is advisable or without risk, and is not liable for damages or losses that may occur from travel to such destinations.

4.2. Prices

The price of the Services will be as quoted on the Website from time to time, except in cases of obvious error. Despite ERI's best efforts, some of the Services listed on the Website may be incorrectly priced and ERI is under no obligation to provide Services to a Customer at an incorrect (lower) price, even after Customers have been sent confirmation of their booking.

4.3. Photographs and illustrations

ERI does its utmost to provide photographs and illustrations that give the Customer a depiction of the Services offered. The purpose of these photographs and illustrations is to show the Customer the level of accommodation and the degree of comfort, and they must not be considered to be making any representation that exceeds this purpose.

Article 5. Financial conditions and payment procedures

5.1 Local taxes and Payments

Unless specified otherwise in the Rules and Restrictions, the prices of the Services shown on the Website are expressed in PHP, excluding local taxes imposed by the authorities in some countries.

The price of Services booked on the Website must be prepaid in full to Executive Resources, Inc. , which will accept such payments on behalf of the Suppliers .

Article 6. Customer Service and the handling of complaints

Queries or requests for information should be sent to or a Customer can call on +6325238581.

Complaints should be sent by email to, which will receive them on behalf of the Suppliers. For ease of resolution, customers are encouraged to bring their complaints within 30 days of the end of a trip.

In general, complaints will only be dealt with if the issues mentioned in the e-mail were reported by calling +6325238581 or by sending an email to during the trip (or as soon as reasonably practicable), or to the carrier if the dispute arose during the outward or return journey, so that measures can be taken to resolve the problem and in order to limit the damage suffered by the Customer. However, exceptions may be made depending on the circumstances.

Complaints about loss of, theft of or damage to luggage, clothing or personal belongings that were not under the Customer's control during the stay should be addressed to the airline or hotel.

Customers should note that all hotel ratings shown are intended as guidance only and may not be an official rating or be in line with Philippine classification. ERI does not accept any liability in relation to the ratings shown.

Article 7. Disclaimer

Except as expressly set out in these General Terms and Conditions, all the information contained in this Website is provided without any warranty (either express or implied) or implied term of any kind, including but not limited to any implied warranties or implied terms of satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement. All such implied terms and warranties are excluded. By accessing this Website, the Customer agrees that ERI will not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss arising from the use of the Website, any delay or inability to use the Website, or from the Customer's use of links from the Website.

The exclusions and limitations contained in this clause apply only to the extent permitted by law.

These General Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the Republic of the Philippines. The Customer agrees that the Philippines Courts shall have jurisdiction to hear and determine any dispute arising from the interpretation and/or arising here from.

Article 8. Final Provisions

If Executive Resources, Inc. does not invoke one of the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions at any one moment, this must not be interpreted as a cession of the right to invoke it at a later date.

If any provision of these General Terms and Conditions (or part of any provision) is found by any court or other authority of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, that provision or part provision shall, to the extent required, be deemed not to form part of this agreement with the Customer and the validity and enforceability of the other provisions shall not be affected.

Every instance of force majeure, including the interruption of means of communication or a strike by carriers, hoteliers or air traffic controllers, will lead to the suspension of the obligations in these General Terms and Conditions that are affected by the force majeure event and the party affected by the force majeure event shall not be liable as a result of the inability to meet such obligations.

These General Terms and Conditions come into force on April 23, 2012.